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Accepting Emotions

One of the things that I believe all who try to follow the Law of Attraction face is judging our emotions. We know that it is our emotions that attract and whenever we feel negative emotions (or anything less than positive) we start to judge ourselves. But this is the worst thing you can do. Once again I have to credit Excuse Me Your Life is Now with helping me. We need to accept our emotions. Even if they aren’t ideal from a Law of Attraction stand point.


By accepting your emotions your attract emotions that you can accept. I had a great post written about this and the offline blog editor I was using lost it. There have been days that I have been upset about something. When I fight against those feelings it seems they stick around. I feel low and then I feel bad about feeling bad. I start to obsess about all the negativity I am attracting and then I start to dread all the bad things I am attracting in to my life. It is a vicious cycle. One we must learn to break.


It took me a while to understand the point in accepting the negative emotions. I couldn’t see how being okay with the negative emotions would help. But when I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a shot I discovered something amazing. If I just accepted that I was sad or mad and didn’t resist that feelings went away. Quickly. It is almost amazing how quickly the feelings faded.  I have tried singing, meditating and thinking happy thoughts in the past and all that seemed to do was put a layer of happy over the bad. Even if all it left was a tiny knot of negativity it would still be there. But accepting the emotions got rid of them completely. I remember being upset and crying one day. I don’t even remember why, but it seemed like less than a minute after I said “This is how I am feeling and I accept that,” that the feelings faded and I was at peace.


When we lost Kia, the last of our original wolves I fought my tears for a while, because I was out to dinner with my family when I found out. But when I got back in to my car and said “Okay, I am going to cry and mourn and it is okay,” I felt a peace about it. No, that didn’t make it instantly better and I still cried for several minutes, but it was much easier on me than I anticipated and much easier than the other animals that we have lost.


So when you are frustrated, when you are sad, when you are angry just accept it. Say “I’m okay with my feelings.” Before you know it, you will be. I have come to the conclusion that Resistance really is futile. You will be assimilated in to the negativity that permeates our culture. But if you accept then you can move past the negativity and live a life less ordinary.

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