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So after much searching, near misses and nearly endless options I have finally purchased a boat. There have been several boats in the past that have seemed like they would be good fits, but either the timing was way off, or they just didn’t feel right. This one felt right.

The boat is a S2 8.0 C. Yep, that means it is only 26 feet, but it has a center cockpit opening up an aft cabin.  That is the main attraction of this particular boat. The 8.0 Cs aren’t the prettiest things on the water. In fact this one looks like it should have PlaySkool written across the stern.

The boat is going to need more work than I really wanted. The engine hasn’t been started in years (though it isn’t seized) and has some delamitation near the stanchions. Aside from that the interior needs to be redone. These boats have carpet on the headliner and the walls of the cabin and I don’t like it in most of the pictures I have seen. While the carpet probably adds a bit of insulation, unless I change my mind once it gets here then I will remove it and paint instead.

Since the boat isn’t here yet I am starting my list from pictures and emails with the seller. But here is what I have now:

◆    Repair soft spots in deck
◆    Re-bed stanchions
◆    Repair engine (or replace with outboard)
◆    Make new cushions for settees and bunks
◆    Remove floor carpet
◆    Replace headliner
◆    Remove the carpet from the bulkheads
◆    Paint bulkheads

In addition to this list are the additions or modifications that I planned for any boat that I had purchased.

◆    Solar system
◆    Composting toilet
◆    Stern grill
◆    Extra 12V outlets
◆    Bimini

The boat comes with a trailer and I am arranging delivery to the mountain. So the boat will be parked right outside my house. That means I will be able to work on it regularly, and won’t have storage fees. It also means that while I don’t have a vehicle that is strong enough to pull it, it can be moved by anybody with a 3/4 ton truck and can be moved in and out of the water at a boat ramp instead of being lifted in and out of the water at a marina.

I may or may not do everything on the list. Somethings are necessary before I take the boat any where or move aboard. Others, like painting, aren’t strictly necessary, but really need to be done when there are no animals aboard. So the current plan (though we all know how plans tend to not work out,) is to spend my money repairing and outfitting and then work through the summer again to replace the money I didn’t intend to budget to the boat.


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  • Did you get the boat home? I just began restoring the same boat and I have a problem the previous owner sold the the mast step and I have no idea what it looks like, how it functions, or where to find a replacement. If you could I would really appreciate if you could send me pics of your mast step and base of your mast.

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. It has been raining and I hate climbing the ladder at the best of times. WordPress won’t let me post pics in the comments, but fixed my contact page. If you drop me your email I will send you the photos.

    • I’m glad to hear that. Your post on the icebox upgrade was one of the first posts I found on 8.0C when I was doing my research. I have it bookmarked for later.

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