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Boat Search

I did make an offer on one of those boats and while that boat is still available, he didn’t respond. But I decided that is a good thing. While I could have worked on the boat through September the amount of time it would have taken to sail down to Key West would have added quite a bit to my costs in food and fuel for that journey.

I am now searching almost exclusively in Florida. I promised my boss I would stay until the end of September so she can take a trip with her family. So I am still shopping for boats, but am a little hesitant to buy something too early, not just because of the additional cost of mooring a boat, but because boats don’t like to sit empty. The one we had in Charleston was flooded every time I showed up because the bilge pump didn’t have a float switch.  I am going to really tighten down on my budget through the month of September, but there are a few things I need to get (like a PFD for Vivre and a repair kit for the kayak.) As that would make this a bit less stressful, but if I don’t go this fall then I won’t have any money by next year, plus winter is Key West’s tourist season and the time of the year they are going to be hiring additional help. I had a card reading done for me last night. It was interesting, particularly the card representing the next 3 months “Ready? Set? Go!” I cracked up when the card was turned over. Especially since it followed the “Explore your options,” card. Of course now that I have said that I remember the Oracle card for the month of September that I pulled back in January was all about poverty consciousness and self sabotage. So I need to watch that. But I know one thing for sure. I am going, and some how or another I will make it work. This is too important, too necessary for me not to follow through.

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