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Conflict- The Spice of Life

What do all stories have in common? Conflict. It is the backbone of any great story, including yours. Everyday we watch tv shows, and movies, read books and graphic novels that all center around conflict.

There is a reason that Doctor Who is one of the most watched tv shows of all time. A show that has spanned 50 years and broken ratings records, that was the first tv show broadcast an episode in 3D.

doctor who

The show has travel and adventure, triumphs and losses. It is great fun and utterly heartbreaking. I remember in one episode a character said she liked being sad. It was happy for deep people. And there are times that I watch it just for the ups and downs, the highs and the lows. Also I just started watching Game of Thrones. Don’t even get me started on that show. There are no books, or movies where nothing ever goes wrongs. And you certainly couldn’t sustain a long running tv show like that.

So often we say that we want things to be easy. That we want a life where everything flows easily to us, but do we really? When we look inside do we really want the perfect life or do we just think that is what we want? Would we be bored? Hell we won’t sit through an hour of tv without conflict, without tragedy, without melodrama. Why would we think we would be happy to spend our lives like that?

How many times have you sat down with your grandparents while they told you a story about how everything was perfect? Once? Twice? I am willing to bet that those were the short stories, and the ones that led to the shortest conversations. With few exceptions (weddings, birthdays ect) no one remembers the perfect days. No one remembers the days that were utterly normal, where they got up, had a good breakfast, a good day at work, a good commute, a good dinner, and went to bed at a sensible hour for a good nights sleep. Wow, I got bored just typing that.

So maybe the next time things get rough, your car breaks down, your boss is an ass or life just in general sucks, consider just enjoying the ride. Accept the ups and downs as part as your great story.

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