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Yes I disappeared again. It wasn’t because I forgot about the blog or even that I was too busy, (all though there have been times I have been pretty busy,) but because there was a lot of things up in the air. And while I could have (and probably should have) shared I didn’t.

For years I have spent my life working with the refuge. There was only a few of us sharing the load or caring for the animals, wildlife and paperwork. It took a chunk of time, and in many ways controlled our lives. I don’t regret it, not a bit of it. But things are getting easier up here. Not only do we have several older animals that have transitioned, but we also have more help. For the first time in years things could start happening here. Instead of spending all of our time and energy just caring for the animals and performing routine maintenance, we can start focusing on other things. We don’t have much money, but we have more help, and they have greater access to volunteer labor.

Because of these changes we have taken another serious look at our future up here. For a while we considered opening a sandwich shop on weekends, though I think we are now leaning towards renting the learning center from the Ridge to open a holistic center. Reiki, Akashic record classes, Dream Coaching, and more will be offered through there. And what we pay the ridge for use of the building will help support the animals. We have a Soul Retrieval coming up this May and the man who did my Akashic record training is interested in running a weekend workshop in the center.

So like the card reading that my aunt gave my back in August foretold I have been exploring my options. I may have over thought it a bit, but…

So I haven’t known what to say, because I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I think I do now. I am still going to get a boat.

There is so much that needs to be done before a Holistic Center can be opened full time. I need to finish my Reiki and Akashic Record training, Mom needs to finish her Dream Coaching and Card reading certifications and there are some other classes I’d like to take. Until then we also need to build a website and platform. We also need some more work done on the Center. Not just the ceiling and heating/air conditioning.

There are a few things in the works, and some blog posts coming on my Akashic Record class, some book reviews, and hopefully news updates.

Blessed Be

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