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Meaning of Life

It is 6:00 am and I’d say I managed a max of 2 hours of sleep last night. (Though I can usually get to sleep around 7:00 am if I don’t have to work,) so I can only hope this isn’t total gibberish.

Everybody wonders about the meaning of life right? I mean is there a point to it all?

Most of the people I know believe we are here to learn. I have a hard time with that. Not so much the learning part as the part where we see ourselves as stupid children who have to learn enough to evolve out of living a physical life. That implies a level of separateness with the universe that I just don’t (personally) believe exists. So my theory is that we are here to experience. To experience physical reality from different points of view. I like to picture an incredible cosmic spring break.

But… if that is all there is to it then should we worry about trying to make the world better while we are here? I think part of the reason that I have started to get burned out in rescue and environmental education is because while others can believe, “We are here to make a difference.” I can’t. I just feel like that is a bit arrogant. To state that our experiences are more right than someone else’s bugs me. Even though on some level I do believe it, because so many animals are being hurt by the actions of humans.

The meat industry supports not only the torture (if you think I am being dramatic check out MFA’s info and videos) of animals, but also causes serious environmental damage because people don’t know how horrible the truth is.

All manner of animals, especially sea turtles and sea birds  are being killed due to plastic pollution, because plastic is so prolific and lasts forever.

People get rid of their pets because they didn’t research what they were getting in to, or the pets are no longer convenient.

Man I get to be such a downer when I have had no sleep. One of the things that has been bugging me about the future is that I can’t picture a life where I am not trying to somehow make the world better.  So somehow I need to come up with something that I can do while living a more nomadic lifestyle. Any suggestions?

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