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Negative People in Your Life

When I first starting actively trying to keep my thoughts positive and shy away from the negative I hit several bumps. I went quite a while before I managed to go a full week without being negative. And since I lived and worked alone this is even worse than it sounds. But finally after several attempts I turned a corner and managed to avoid negativity.


It worked well, so well in fact that I no longer got behind the irritating country drivers that always seemed to crowd the roadways before.  Then after nearly a month of staying positive I stopped by to visit a relative. That afternoon I caught myself cussing at the person in the car in front of me. Luckily that shocked me and I was able to stop and question why. Why after all this time was I behind an annoying driver? And why was it getting to me? Then it hit me. When I had visited my relative I had intentionally not said anything negative or contribute to any topics that would bring me down.  Doing no more than nodding when the conversation went in a way that I felt wouldn’t benefit me (or her.)


However while that may have limited the damage it didn’t stop it. So after a week or two I decided to test and see what happened when I stopped by her place again. I didn’t stay near as long this time, but found the same thing. When I left I felt bad, my energy was low and I was looking for the negative, looking for something to complain about it. We all have those people in our lives. And in our society it seems that quite a few conversations revolve around complaints. I had a friend that I had a lot in common with, but every conversation ended up being all complaints (on both sides it wasn’t just her.) It has been quite a while since I spoke with her because that relationship didn’t work for my good. Of course there are some people you have to see. Family or friends you have had so long they are practically family.


So what did I do? Well first I stopped just dropping by her house. For get-togethers I tried to make sure that there was always at least one other person who could be swayed toward positive conversations. Things like movies can also be good ways to spend time with people who are negative because there is little talking. So that is how I handle bad influences. It doesn’t always work since everybody has bad days, but I’ve learned that, for me, it is best to avoid energy killers.


If avoiding isn’t an option that you want to take you can always try and tell them that you are trying to stay positive. Re-direct the conversation every time it starts down a negative path and bow out of conversations that take a negative direction. This may have a positive effect on their lives too and they will discover how often they make negative comments and rants. In my life I find this doesn’t work as well on people who mired in negativity. They get defensive and feel you are calling them out on their negativity. But most of the people I know have at least a passing acquaintance with the law of attraction and feel that I am judging them even if that isn’t my intent.


Take a look at the relationships in your life. The relationships in your life should make you happy. Otherwise what is the point?



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