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Really Indiana?

I finally got my computer back and as I sat at my aunt’s house re-downloading all my software an old episode from “The Golden Girls” came on. In this episode Blanch’s brother came out of the closet. This episode aired 26 years ago. Seriously?  Thirty years later and we are still judging and discriminating against people because of  sexual orientation.

When will, we as a people, stop looking at our differences. When will people stop finding reasons to hate? I get frustrated because I can’t help but imagine what the world would be like if all these people who spent their time and energy on discriminating against those who are different would take that same time and energy and instead spend it on making sure that people and animals have clean drinking water, fresh air, food, shelter, sanctuary.

Not only do I have a lot of friends who are LBGT individuals, but as a pagan I’ve also had to watch out for “Religious Freedom,” laws. When I was in high school I remember congress considered passing a “Religious Freedom Amendment,” that would put religion back in the school. Sure, in theory it would have allowed all religions to be honored, but in reality that isn’t how it would have worked. Just like despite what the Indiana Governor would like us to believe this is basically a law allowing people to discriminate against alternative lifestyles.

What does it say about people that they believe that their religious freedom is being threatened if they can’t discriminate against others?

While I am appalled that a law like this is still possible in this day and age, I am encouraged by the outcry. People and businesses all over the country are standing up and telling Indiana and its law makers that this behavior isn’t acceptable.

They’ve lost the fight against marriage equality in Indiana and decided to throw a temper tantrum. They passed this law to let us all know that they are going to hold on to their hate and judgement. That they won’t stand by while alternative lifestyles are accepted and embraced. I take some solace in the fact that these behaviors are the acts scared and angry people, fighting a tide that is carrying them out to sea.

Now I know how far I still have to come in learning to accept people. Because I kind of hope they drowned out there.

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