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Sailboat Shopping

Snowpocalypse put a real dent in my cleaning and decluttering process. I know it seems like being snowed in for two weeks would have been a boon to that process, but not so much. The effort of caring for the refuge and the exhaustion took its toll. Plus the area around the dumpster is still covered in snow so tossing stuff our wasn’t possible. So I really need to get a move on. Especially since I started boat shopping today. There wasn’t anything that really drew me today, though I did send an email for a tartan project boat.

I don’t really want a project boat, but tartans are great boats. It is is in Maryland and on land and only like $1000. I am guessing there isn’t an engine since it is so cheap, but I sent off am email to check anyway. There were two other boats a Cal 27 and a Pearson 30 that would also be possible, but I held off contacting the owners of those because there have been times that I’ve seen boats that really called to me and neither of those do. Having said that if nothing that really calls to me comes out in the next month I may go ahead and contact them about those boats. (Assuming they are still available.)

I am going to work on a spell to attract the perfect boat for me, but haven’t even started work on that yet. One of the boats that I looked at already had a solar panel, but was more than I wanted to spend right now. All though depending on the wattage on the panel it would be worth looking into. I guess the first step will be to decide what I really want in a boat:
•    Safe and seaworthy
•    Sails in good condition
•    Working engine
•    Large enough to be liveable
•    Galley
•    Roomy cockpit
In addition to these things are the other things that if it doesn’t have I can add
•    Solar power and battery bank
•    Solid, reliable ground tackle
•    Comfy sleeping arrangement
•    Oven
•    Fridge (Engle would be great.)
•    Bimini
•    Opening ports
•    Water maker
Most of these won’t be on the boat right away. Actually the only two things on the second list that are necessary are the solar power and the ground tackle.  The non-necessary stuff will be re-evaluated after I’m living aboard and have a better idea of what I really need to survive. For instance opening ports and fans might be more important to me in the summers of Key West than a water maker if I can set up a Bimini for water collection during the near daily downpours. So it is time to kick it in to gear.

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