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Slow Going…

I let the 40 ft boat go. I decided that as awesome and beautiful as the boat was I would basically be changing my plans so that I could own something. And while I am no longer going to automatically discount boats that are on the west coast I decided that I wasn’t going to purchase that one.

So does that mean I am getting the other boat? Well.. No. I sent an email to the owner offering what he was asking as his opening bid and he hasn’t responded to me. I have emailed him twice now. So I don’t know if he just doesn’t want to admit that he wasn’t willing to sell it for that amount even though that was the opening big, or what. So right now I am still looking. There are a few others that have come up, but none that really speak to me.

Having said that I have made great progress in clearing out the house and am keeping an eye on boats available. I am getting ready to go, and I just can’t stand the thought of not leaving. It isn’t that I don’t love this mountain. The mountain is a part of me, but I have to get away from Kentucky for a while. I need to feel the breeze, smell the briny sea air. I need to be able to be selfish, to just need to think about me for a while and not be constantly concerned about what is happening up here. And since we have more people involved now, and Sam is moving up here I can be confident that everything up here will be treated well and cared for.

I will admit that briefly last night I was considering scratching the boat idea, buying an RV and taking off for the desert. And while that might easier and certainly cool, it isn’t where I am right now.  I long for boat living. I know that it will be complicated, but honestly my life now is complicated. I am ready for a new and different kind of complicated.

I will keep you updated on the boat front, but I won’t start feeling pressure to find a boat until around labor day.  Fingers crossed and good thoughts to the universe that I find the boat that will be perfect for me right now. But I will settle for the one that will work for me for right now.

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