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Sorry Guys

I have been so bad about posting. Being true to form once I got out of the habit (when my computer crashed) I haven’t gotten back in to the groove. This has been further complicated by the issues plaguing the refuge. We have so many old animals and have lost quite two in the last two weeks. We have another one that needs to be put to sleep soon due to cancer.


So I am going to be back on my posting schedule, but I am not sure exactly what the next few posts will be.  I do know that one of the things I will be working on is from Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog. I’m taking a dog blanket that is small and easy to carry and conditioning it as a calm place that can be carried around and used in the various dog friendly places in Key West.  This is a behavior than can easily be done inside while the spring rains are pouring down and leaving ankle deep mud in its wake.


Of course I will still need to work on training for the kayak. I may also considering getting a front hook halter for Vivre. She will heel very well, but I don’t want to heel her around town. One, I think that if I am asking for that level of precision and attention from her I shouldn’t be ignoring her while I wander around town and two, that is a lot to ask for any real length. I mean training for the BH requires a lot of heeling. Asking her to heel all around town is just too much to ask. From both of us.


I still haven’t gotten my computer completely upgraded, but am researching the ways to get the dvd tv shows converted to MP4 format. I can do it one episode at a time, but that is time consuming and then I have to remember which episodes are in what order and/or rename them. I will try to make it to Corbin to get that done this week. So much of the computer stuff can’t be done until the system is back up to date.



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