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Things Undone

My uncle Bob came in from Texas over the weekend. My aunt died about a year and a half ago she had fought lung cancer for over five years before finally succumbing. My uncle Jack also came in on Sunday. After I got off work I headed to my grandmother’s house to see them. My mother and I sat there with my grandmother, her brother and her brother-in-law the conversation turned to travel.

My grandmother mentioned that she and her bunko group had planned to take a cruise, but they had waited too long and now they could’t leave their husbands long enough. My uncle Jack echoed that. There were things that he planned to do and waited too long. Bob said the same thing. He and Roberta had planned to travel and then she got sick. It was a sad conversation. My mom went home determined to start taking her vacations. To not worry that about having to start paying off her credit cards again. And I was reminded of all the stories heard from retired cruisers who said “I wished I done it sooner.” The stories of people who died before they could accomplish their dreams. I was on Pintrest the other day and say this


I found this on pinterest and would love to know who the original creator is.

And it is true. I would rather live a life traveling, cruising, working crap jobs that keep me afloat and have the experiences and memories that make life worth living. Rather than the comfortable, caged life of careers, mortgages, and expectations. Life should be lived and while the argument can be made that not all of us can live like that I disagree. American’s are obsessed with stuff, which leads to obsession with money to get the stuff and high paying jobs to get the money to get the stuff. It is a cycle that I believe should be broken. We buy expensive toys as a consolation to spending most of our lives working. The toys are fun in their own right, but you can have fun other ways if you aren’t spending all your time working.

I know people who truly love their work, and if you can do that then I’m all for it!  But if your work isn’t your passion then try and live a life you can enjoy. Embrace experience.  I remember going to the beach after school, swimming with the manatees, camping on the beach at Edisto State Park. I remember swimming the reefs of the Keys, the amazing, colorful tropical fish, the sharks, the jellyfish. I remember the sunsets at Mallory square, lunar eclipses watched from the beach and foggy mornings where mist weaves through the mangroves. I remember working with world champion horses and trainers. I have heard our wolves howl, curled up with them in the dog houses, and watched them play in the snow. I am so grateful that my life has been full of these kinds of moments and I am not of the mind to let them end. Make yours a life worth remembering. I have no idea where this quote originated, but I have it on a bag I had made.

At some point your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. 

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