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Who is she anyway?

So I’ve started this blog, but haven’t really explained who I am. My name is Becky and currently live in Kentucky. I’ve also lived in Charleston, SC and Key West, Florida. I’ve swam with manatees and sharks, worked with a world champion horse trainer, owned a world champion Quarter Horse and currently work with wolves and wolfdogs at an environmental and humane education center. Actually I’ve been working with the wolves and the dogs for a number of years now. It was an amazing dream. Teaching people about the environment, and wildlife. When people hear about what I do they inevitably say “That is so cool!”  And it is cool, but it is also a lot of work. Then again I guess everything worth doing is.Witch

I plan to head south. Buy another sailboat and head back to Key West for a while. Enjoy the sun, the sea, and the wonderful concern for the environment. So why blog about it? Because after that I want to cruise around the Caribbean for a while. Because there isn’t anything special about me. (I mean other than the whole everybody is special crap.) And if I can accomplish my dreams then so can you. This is going to sound a little more Pollyanna than you would normally hear from me, but I think that the reason we have so many nasty people in the world is because they are unhappy in their own lives. And the more of us who live our dreams and can convince others to do the same the better the world will become.

So if you are reading this you will likely see posts on manifestation, on practical actions and on green living. (And probably random Doctor Who references.) Why green living? Well partly because I believe that removing toxins from our lives makes us feel better and if we are healthier we have more energy and are happier. But mostly because this is my blog and I think that protecting the environment is important.

Do you have a dream you’d like to manifest in your life? What is it?

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