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Worst Case Scenario

A couple of months ago I was reading an article from Smartblogger.com about the truth behind too little time. It is well worth a read, but the important part for our conversation is that uncertainty is the root cause of people not having time to blog. I think that is dead on. I can tell you when I started looking at my time, all my time I was shocked at how much time I actually have in a day.

That combined with a random comment in an email from Carolyn Elliot about the unconscious mind messing up magick got me thinking. (BTW I am taking her course Influence right now. Totally awesome. I mean I can’t even…)

One of the first posts I did on this blog provided a worksheet to discover potential manifestation blocks. It involved taking a closer look at your desires, how they will really affect your life and how they will affect those around you. While very helpful for helping to discover potential areas of concern or blocks it doesn’t provide any answers for dealing with those problems.

Back at the beginning of July I decided to try something else. I pulled out my journal and made myself write at least 3 pages  (8.5 X 11) of worst case scenarios based around my desires. I wrote everything I could think of and then right after it I wrote how I would handle it if it happened.  Somethings didn’t have a good answer, for instance, if I move on the boat and it sinks when I am at work with all the animals on board. That would be horrible and devastating. But no more or less than if my house burned down while I was at work. You can’t remove all risk.

Other concerns, such as getting Vivre enough exercise simply require acknowledging the problem and knowing that there are workable options to pursue. So when I was done I had 3 pages of things that could (and probably will) go wrong with my desire to live on the boat part of the year. But now I also know that it isn’t as bad as all that. And even if it is I faced the fact that even in a worst case scenario, it is still something I want to do.

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