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Vivre’s PFD

So after much debate I finally ordered a PFD for Vivre. The coast guard doesn’t regulate dog pfds the way they do human pfds there are no regulations or quality control. Any company can make a dog pfd without any guarantee of quality. So I wanted something with a good reputation and a lot of positive reviews. The one I chose ended up being the Ruffwear K9 Float Coat. Which was ironically my first choice to begin with. It is a bit more expensive than a lot of the others, but I got it on sale and Vivre’s safety is worth the price.

Aside from the excellent reviews and reputation of Ruffwear it was the only K9 pfd that provided the pounds of float for their pfds on their blog. I emailed Outward Hound about the float in their pfds and never got a reply.  The design of the coat doesn’t inhibit Vivre’s movements, so she should still be able to be her normal energetic self. But should still provide adequate float. It is short on her body, so her back end will be more likely to sink, but that will help to keep her head out of the water.


The two runners up were the EzyDog DFD and the Skippy Dog Vest.  The only reason the Ezydog lost was the complaints about the lift handle breaking combined with the fact I couldn’t find the pound of float. ( I didn’t email them. ) The other concern was a review that said that the dogs mouths were very close to the water with the design of the vest. I had some worry about waves.

The Skippy vest I actually didn’t find until I had ordered the K9 float coat, but while I like the slim design and maneuverability of the Float Coat for everyday use I think if I ever do any blue water sailing I will take a longer look at the Skippy to use in addition to the Float Coat.

I took some video of my training Vivre to let me put the pfd on and adjust it. I have no idea how it turned out since I am still using my dslr and that just isn’t working well if I can’t be behind the camera focusing. But it didn’t take long.

No more than 10 minutes. Of course a large part of that is thanks to the fact that Vivre is pretty okay with anything I do to her as long as she is getting attention.  I’ll post more about the float coat after I take her to the lake to try it out.

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