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Welcome 2016

Last year on this day I was so excited to see 2014 end. It had been a horrible year and I had eagerly awaited it end.  Because the rescue I work with has so many elderly animals we had lost several in 2014, and while I knew it would continue I hoped it would let up some. Well it didn’t. Not only did we loose just as many animals in 2015 as we did in 2014 we also lost my cousin to violence and my grandfather to a stroke. In addition to the deaths in the family my father was laid off when they closed where he worked.

Death has become a theme in my life and when I was recently speaking with my mother, who was awaiting 2016 with the same enthusiasm that I had for 2015, I realized that I had little hope that 2016 would bring less grief.

I’ve actually never really been depressed before. And while I am not sure that I was really depressed it left me realizing that I really held out no hope for 2016. And that was enough to make me really depressed. And oddly enough that helped me tremendously. My spirit guides have been on me to make a decision about my life, and while I had made the decision, I had lost all momentum toward my goals.

Now  I have great hope for 2016. I found a boat, and while it will need more work that I had really planned on, it is a design that I really love and it comes on a trailer so it will be worth the extra work. While we still have mostly older animals, they are almost all in pretty good shape.

So while 2016 is here and 2015 is gone for good we move forward. I will say that while 2015 was a hard year I accomplished more toward my goals.

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