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Sorry again!

The first Sunday of May my cousin was killed. The first Sunday of June my grandfather died. So I was a little freaked the first week of July. Complicated by the fact that it involved a major holiday and my aunt ended up in the hospital with what seems like is basically the human version of bloat.

Though that is no excuse for ignoring you all and this blog. So while I will be feeding this week in addition to working I will also come back to posting regularly. I actually feel really good about getting this back up and running now. Before I was panicked, always worrying over what to post and whether I would have enough  stuff to keep writing for a while. I feel a sense of peace over that now. I guess there is so much more to post about, and I have plans for fixing the kayak to actually get started on training Vivre. Plus I also have to get her mat training going.

Wow, now I am worried about having enough time. Which is kind of silly because training a clicker savvy dog makes training pretty quick. Especially if you shape in small increments.

So I will have a new post going out this week and will be back to regularly posting next week. I still haven’t reinstalled my linux partition since my hard drive crash, so the training videos may take a bit longer. But that is okay.

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