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Laziness and the Law of Attraction

I’m fond of saying that there isn’t a downside to the Law of Attraction. Because honestly even if we are all deluded and it doesn’t exist you still learn to focus on the positive instead of the negative and that can only improve your life. If nothing else it will lower your stress level and make you happier and healthier.

But the truth is that there is a trap door in the Law of Attraction. I’ve noticed people who plan to do absolutely nothing but try and vibrate positive energy and attract what they want and don’t plan to do any work for it. They don’t plan to help the energy along with mundane means. I am far (far, far,) from an expert. I’m still feeling my way through this too, but in my experience it doesn’t work that way. Could it? Sure, especially if you are the Dali Lama, but for the rest of us mortals it will be much quicker and truthfully I feel more valuable if we have to work to help the positive energy along.

If you need to wash the side of a building you can turn on the water hose and just stand at the faucet and point the hose. Or you can walk a little closer to the building and let the force of the water knock the dirt lose. Both will eventually get the building clean, but one will take a lot less time.

Yes, there have been stories of monks manifesting physical things out of thin air. But that isn’t easy. And honesty I think it is impossible for the average person living in America today. It is hard to even have a conversation with somebody that doesn’t end up with riddled with complaints. In fact I think one the most valuable books to help people with the Law of Attraction is No Complaints. The premise of the book is that you should try and go thirty days without complaining.  The program uses a bracelet that you switch from one wrist to the other every time you complain. It is shocking to realized how often the little things we say, just by habit, are complaints.

So if you have a dream then get up off your couch and try and make it happen. Don’t say “I shouldn’t have to because I should be able to manifest it.” Energy flows along the path of least resistance and if you want it to flow to a certain place then point the hose in that direction and start walking.



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