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Why are we here?

A while back, when riding the wave of insomnia, I debated about the meaning of life. Since I have been thinking about conflict, and strife in life lately it has caused me to think about it some more. We, or at least I, so often hear about how the world should be. The world should be a perfect place, where there is not hate, or greed, or hunger. But how does that fit in with what people think about our purpose in incarnating?

Some people think we are here to make the world a better place. Especially where I spend so much time working with animal and environmental charities. But we can’t fix the world if there isn’t anything wrong with it, now can we? Of course if the world were perfect we wouldn’t have to try and make it better, and could instead focus on something else when we incarnate. Like maybe learning.


We don’t learn anything when stuff is easy, when things happen with no challenge. We have to struggle to learn and to grow. Ease is the enemy of growth, of expansion, of learning. When things suck, when they hurt, when life is at its most difficult that is when we learn the most. But don’t get all douchey about it. If I hear one more person preaching, sounding holier than thou about how their challenges made them grow I might actually be sick. For Goddess sake, speak like a normal human being.

Then there is my personal favorite, incarnation as spring break. Of course like I mentioned in the post on conflict, where is the fun in a life of ease and predictability? What can we enjoy when there isn’t a little drama and excitement? Don’t get me wrong, I love to go hiking, and play with my dog. Both things are enjoyable, but the times I remember the most are the times that I got lost in the woods, the times I took a fall, the times that Vivre accidentally bit me, or nearly took my legs out from under me. The best trips I’ve taken I broken down, or gotten lost, or paid $20.00 for a parking spot.

So if we can’t make the world better without the world being broken. If our learning and experiences are hampered by lack of struggle and conflict then once again, why do we think that the world should be easy and perfect?

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